What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

As one of the largest automotive groups in the area, we must stay current with the forever changing world of technology. With all of the new cyber security threats, under software system requirements and network security requirements, the IT group of Stone, Rudolph & Henry is our “Go To” team.

For over fifteen years, I have known and relied on Stone, Rudolph & Henry’s Technology Consulting Services to assist our in house IT team with the setup and configuration for our dealerships. They have always provided prompt technical support to our company and their extensive knowledge and work ethic continues to be a huge asset to Wyatt Johnson Automotive Group.

With the monitoring and maintenance management program, SRH is able to detect potential problems before they occur, ensuring our business is always running efficiently, effectively and minimizing network and system downtime. They are able to access and maintain our servers, workstations, and laptops from anywhere and provide users with a very timely response whenever the need arises.

It has always been a pleasure to work with Stone, Rudolph & Henry’s Technology Consulting Team.

Katherine Johnson Cannata
Dealer Principle
Wyatt Johnson Automotive Group


Computer technology can be complicated and time consuming matter for any business. Compounded by having offices and brokers all over the country only complicates the matter. When we moved our corporate office to Nashville, we had a bad experience with another IT company but our faith was renewed when Stone, Rudolph & Henry’s IT staff came in with their “we can make it happen” attitude and put us back on the map.

Having Stone, Rudolph & Henry as our technology consultant and service provider has proven to make our technology run smoothly, therefore taking less time away from our business. This has allowed me the freedom to perform other duties and responsibilities as a business owner. Their consulting services have proven to be invaluable when it comes to selecting the correct vendors, telecommunications, and software packages.

Their monitoring and maintenance management program assures my business technology is always running efficiently and effectively, meaning we have little to no down time. They are able to remotely access and maintain our servers, workstations and laptops at all of our locations in a very timely manner, whenever the needs arises.

Stone, Rudolph & Henry’s technology services have proven to be a great asset for our business.

Kevin Pearce
Pearce Worldwide Logistics Inc